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Service of masterclass

From its initial launch, Enzoani has become one of the most sought-after brands across multiple continents due to its dedication to innovative style, exceptional quality, and above all, a fit and finish like no other. Kang Chun Lin has additionally pioneered the innovative creations for the Blue by Enzoani and Beautiful Bridal collections. 

Enzoani combines three collections and speaks about timeless elegance, innovative design and youthful vibrance. 


The lines focus of Enzoani has always been sophisticated elegance! The main collection of Enzoani is about modern translation of classic design by reinventing tradition. Lace details are the signature of Enzoani. Also handcrafted beading and Swarovski crystal detailing. Design which can absolutely keep up with couture gowns. Price point is 1.500 € -3.600 €. 


The Blue by Enzoani collection is slightly more youthful, moderately priced and more accessible— a collection meant to complement the flagship label Enzoani. Less detail, beading, and fabric options are the primary elements that define Blue by Enzoani as a more affordable option to the main collection. Price point is 1.300 € - 1.800 €


The Beautiful collection represents an affordable option for brides while maintaining the highest in product quality. This collection is designed to achieve the same luxury and taste of all Enzoani labels, but at an affordable price. Price point is 900 € - 1600 €. 

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